Poetry by Edward ian Armchair

10 Minutes More

10 minutes more that’s all I need,
10 minutes more and my heart bleeds,
10 minutes more...
That’s all I need.

A long cool beer in your favourite bar,
A moonlit walk pointing at the stars,
A goodnight kiss...
That’s all I need.

A lark in the park on a wet see-saw,
A linger in the bushes shouting more, more, more,
A tender touch...
That’s all I need.

A romp through the hay on a summer’s morn,
A bleary-eyed smile as you watch the dawn,
A heartfelt squeeze...
That’s all I need.

A three-minute giggle under sticky sheets,
A hand-in-hand walk down dim lit streets,
A wave bye-bye...
That’s all I need.

A peck on the cheek as I lay there dead,
“Darling, I love you” last words I said,
A goodbye kiss...
That’s all I need.

Edward says...

A simple love poem or even love song. A fast-paced rhythm, tells a story of lifelong love and memorable highlights that happen throughout. Aahh! the wet see-saw, I remember it well!! Edward
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