Poetry by Edward ian Armchair



I saw John Cleese the other day, driving a lorry.
Then I saw a bird fly out of my Mothers’ eye.
I saw six million fish driving cars and killing me.
Then I saw you smile at me.

I saw an aura around my body.
And saw reality hit me in the face.
I took a piece out of my Fathers’ head.
And I felt you touching me.

I saw myself in court on a theft offence.
And swam through a field of watery machines.
Then I ate my sisters’ liver.
And I tasted you kissing me.

I saw myself in a nice smart suit.
And took a tooth from my budgies’ mouth.
My Mother began to melt into oil.
And you began undressing me.

I took a brick from a doctors’ leg.
And smelt the breath of a dead mans’ head.
I chose a dog from an abattoir.
And saw you on top of me.

I felt a breeze pass through my eyes.
And went with a friend to a UFO.
I told my Mother I’d shot her Dad.
And knew we were locked together.

I saw Jesus come through my bedroom door.
And said ‘hello’ as the Devil killed him.
I felt reality hit me in the groin.
And we came together in ecstasy.

Edward says...

Death Mask When you're asleep at night, aren't dreams wonderful things? A fantasy world of images, colours and film-like footage all generated by your brain and re-run with you as the main character. But, the dreams you have while awake, when they come true, can be so much better. This poem combines the two, nightmare imagery and blissful dream-like states of euphoria. Look closely at the image! Edward
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