Poetry by Edward ian Armchair

Bloody, Bloody, Psycho

There’s another dead dog in the fridge,
And my Mother’s gone crazy again.
She’s cooking my tea on the fire,
And I’m looking at the dirt and the stains.

There’s silverfish swimming around,
And mushrooms growing out of the floor.
My Father’s lying, heart attack eyes,
He’s dead behind the bathroom door.

My sister’s washed her hands of it all,
And left me sitting here on my own.
Bathroom floor’s swimming in piss,
No one here to hear me moan.

She’s a bloody, bloody, psycho,
And she’s coming after me once again.
Do I strangle her, or stab her? Or do I...
Put a bullet right through her brain.

Bloody, bloody, psycho!

Edward says...

Psychopathy and Sociopathy can manifest themselves in many different ways. I now realise I've been living with either or both throughout my entire life. The psychopathic tendencies of a parent can impact upon and create sociopathic tendencies of a child - me! This poem is an honest account of the impact of a psychopath on a normal everyday family and family home. Let it be a warning, the pictures speak for themselves. Edward
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