Poetry by Edward ian Armchair

Sweet 16

Sweet 16

One day you'll leave that man alone.
Alone in your shit infested home.
Selfish to the bone, you’re evil and mean.
You were nice, but now you're obscene.

That man would cry, if only he could.
You left him one day, now you've left him for good.
Your ageing fashion for your nights of passion.
Under the stars in the back of his car.

The grime in your nails, the shit on your feet,
Your Silvikrin hair and your plastic teeth.
Your party piece plaything pleases your needs.
Licking you out as your period bleeds.

He’s got a smart car and nice new socks,
You put the Durex on his clean young cock.
Suck him dry, bleed him dry, 'til he calls.
Get your grubby fingers around his balls.

Sweet sixteen you're a catholic queen,
You shattered all my childhood dreams.
I wanted your love, I didn't want more.
You're a bitch, you're a slag - you're a fucking whore.

Edward says...

Sweet 16 Well, well, well what a journey. This poem, began life as a poem called "Margaret's Mind", mutated into a song called "Bitch, Slut, Slag, Whore" and eventually came to a halt as a poem once again, with the far more pleasing title of "Sweet 16". It's a shame when one goes through life hating one parent and believing the other to be loving and caring, only to find in later years that the loving one is in fact a deceitful liar. You then of course end up hating them both with an intense passion. What a sorry tale of woe! Anyway, playmates this is a true tale of family life and a warning to us all, never be forced together because of religion, any religion and above all, never live a lie. Edward.
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