Poetry by Edward ian Armchair

Love, Love, Love

If you’ll be my Aphrodite,
I will be your Hercules.
If my sins come back and bite me,
I’ll go down on bended knees.

Take my love and hold it tightly,
Never let my heartbeat go.
I will hold you oh so closely,
In the crisp mid-winter snow.

If you’ll be my Angelina,
I will be your Bradley Pitt.
Walk together arm in arm,
Holding hands, a perfect fit.

Sweet and tender loving kisses,
Oh so hard to seek and find.
Close my eyes and make my wishes,
Stay forever in your mind.

When we're old and oh so lonely,
Shiver in the winter frost.
Arm in arm we’ll die so quietly,
A love once found is never lost.

Edward says...

Originally written as a song, I regard "Love, Love, Love" as the perfect love poem. Tells the tale of love from the beginning to the end of a long-lasting relationship. A shame Angelina and Brad split up after it was written!
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