Poetry by Edward ian Armchair

Egotistical Narcissist

Egotistical Narcissist.
Take every opportunity,
To push, push, push your face.
Walk with such impunity,
You gush, gush, gush, in space.

Radio calling, flashing TV screens.
Smile for the camera, as you say cheese.
1, 2, 3 and cameras are rolling,
Massage your ego, you’re oh! so pleased.

In the spotlight, in the limelight, caught in the headlights.

Egotistical Narcissist.
White teeth are gleaming,
You smash, smash, smash desire.
Sickly smile gleaming.
A flash, flash, flashy liar.

In the headlines, in the taglines, caught on the sidelines.

Egotistical Narcissist.
Surrounding yourself with,
The flush, flush, flush of youth.
The glamour and glitz that –
Sugar coats the truth.

Can’t wait to see you hang,
The slip on the high rise,
The slash and the bang, bang.
Punished for your lies.

On the big screen, fill the small screen, caught in a crime scene.

Egotistical Narcissist.

Edward says...

This is more a celebration of words than anything, words and rhythm. The rhythm of rhyme and repetition and the use of onomatopoeia is the theme of this poem. There is actually a word "onomatopoetic", which I feel sums up this work. Push, Gush, Smash, Flash, Flush, Slash. As for the meaning, a simple response to my general distaste for the self-obsessed. Edward
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