Poetry by Edward ian Armchair


Do you mind if I compliment you on the freckles on your cheeks?
I haven't seen such beauty here for years and days and weeks.
Your rosy lips and sweet, sweet smile enthral me every day.
Struck dumb with admiration I just don't know what to say.

Your fashion sense is so intense it makes me start to drool.
The clothes you wear make people stare you're oh! so oh! so cool.
Hair so soft and skin so smooth I touch with such delight.
Eyes that glisten in the sun, look oh! so oh! so bright.

The way you walk, the way you talk, the words you softly say,
The tender touch of skin on skin I wish for every day.
Narcissus would be proud as punch to see the things I see.
After all, the sight I see, just happens to be ME.

Edward says...

Nothing more, nothing less, than a tongue-in-cheek pun. Edward
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